• Pivot angle: 0 – 90° (± 5° adjustable)
  • Housing: IP65 sealed
  • Number of models: 9
  • Power range: 150 to 17000 Nm (1330 to 150,460
  • Temperatures: -20 to +120 °C


  • 3/2 way bleed valve
  • Input shaft
  • IP67 & IP68 protection class (without 3/2-way vent valve)
  • High and low temperature (without 3/2-way vent valve)
  • Design for marine and offshore applications
  • Flexible adaptations
ILG/D 100 | F05/F07 F05/F07
ILG/D 200 | F05/F07/F10 F05/F07
ILG/D 600 | F07/F10/F12 F07/F10/F12
ILG/D 900 | F10/F12/F14 F10/F12/F14
ILG/D 1500 | F10/F12/F14/F16 F12/F14/F16
ILG/D 2400 | F12/F14/F16 F14/F16
ILG/D 5000 | F16/F25 F16/F25
ILG/D 8000 | F16/F25 F16/F25
ILG/D 16000 | F25/F30 F25/F30
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The ILG-D series manual gearboxes are designed to manually operate pneumatically operated valves in applications. These gearboxes are intended for use with double-acting actuators and are disengageable for manual operation. To ensure a long service life, the housing is sealed to IP65 and the input shaft is made of protected steel. The manual gearboxes of the ILG-D series are used in all industrial sectors where reliable manual operation of double-acting actuators is required. All units are mounted between the actuator and the valve and can be supplied with an ISO 5211 actuator interface. As an option, a 3/2-way valve can be installed which automatically vents the actuator via the changeover lever of the manual gearbox.

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1450Nm, 150Nm, 2485Nm, 250Nm, 3390Nm, 7450Nm, 750Nm, 8135Nm

SKU: ILG/D Categories: ,
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