Electric valve actuators

All electric rotary actuators have extensive basic equipment. Numerous additional options possible. Designed according to EN ISO 5211.

  • Standard equipment: manual override, position indicator,
    End position feedback, torque limitation, adjustable end positions
  • Torques from 10Nm up to 4500Nm
  • Operating voltages between 12VDC – 400VAC (50/60Hz)
  • Positioner, emergency control function, additional end position feedback signal

Pneumatic actuators

Double-acting or single-acting in various versions according to EN ISO 5211 and with Namur interface.

  • Standard equipment: position indicator, adjustable end positions
  • Torques from 10Nm up to 10.000Nm
  • Operating pressure up to 10bar
  • Optional coatings available such as PTFE, electroless nickel plated or stainless steel. Pivot angles 120° and 180° possible.

Position indicator

Flexible feedback units with Namur interface. Available with height adjustable bridge. For mounting on pneumatic valve actuators or for position sensing of manually operated valves.

  • Equipped with capacitive or inductive sensors / electric or pneumatic microswitches as required.
  • Various housing materials like polyamide, aluminum, lathiom and more.
  • Options such as position indicator, solenoid valve connection (double or single), kit for linear actuators

Pneumatic accessories

Accessories for connecting pneumatic actuators to compressed air:

    • Solenoid valves 3/2 and 5/2 ways for controlling pneumatic rotary actuators (single-acting, double-acting)
    • Silencers, throttle silencers, throttle plates
    • Volume boosters, filter regulators, minimum pressure valves, pressure switching valves
    • Pneumatic positioners


Accessories for connecting valves and actuators in automation, as well as for manual operation of valves and corresponding end position feedback:

    • Mounting bridges and adapters individually made to measure
    • Reducing bushings, flange rings and adapters
    • Assembly kits for automation of plastic valves
    • Manual gearboxes, consoles for end position feedback
    • Mounting material

J+J electric valve actuators

Pneumatic actuators

Limit switch boxes

Pneumatic accessories


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